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Thank you for such a caring community

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 10:06

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the love and support my family and I have received from all of our friends in and around Reepham after the sad death of my husband Clive on 13 October 2017; it has meant a great deal to us all.

Clive loved the great community that makes Reepham so special and he had no wish to live anywhere else.

To see so many of you at his funeral was incredible and discovering how greatly he was respected and how well he was liked has been a huge comfort to us.

The donations given at the funeral amounted to an amazing £1,300, which will be divided between Cancer Research UK, the Dilham Ward at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and other charities that were significant to Clive during his life.

Although this has been a very sad time for me, I count myself extremely fortunate to be living in such a caring community.

Thank you all.

Margaret Brooks, Mill Road, Reepham

Axing of PCSOs will lead to more crime and anti-social behaviour

Monday, December 4, 2017 - 18:15

It is sad to hear that our PCSO, Stephen Bridges, is going to be made redundant at the end of March 2018, after being a regular, reassuring and welcome face in Reepham.

It is short-sighted of Norfolk Constabulary to dismiss all local PCSOs in this way.

Stephen has been in post for more than 10 years. He knows many local people and is well known by many.

His presence helps to make people aware that there is a police presence and any potential wrong-doers are probably well known to him

 Once he has gone, I cannot see that the newly appointed police officer will be able to cover the same ground in the same, informed way as Stephen.

He will be thinly spread over the local area and, however willing and dedicated he may be, it will take a long time for him to be as aware and knowledgeable as Stephen.

His dismissal can only lead to more crime and anti-social behaviour, with no-one on the spot to do anything about it.

Brenda R Palmer, Chapel Close, Reepham

Thanks for clean public toilets

Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 15:46

As a frequent visitor to Reepham, I must congratulate the town on the state of cleanliness of the public toilets in Pudding Pie Alley.

Thanks in particular to the person who cleans these toilets, who I see has been doing this for 25 years (George celebrates 25 years of bog cleaning).

In fact, free public conveniences are a rarity these days. Frequently they are locked or dirty – if they exist at all – and many of us, both young and old, are forced to sneak into cafés, shops or pubs, trying to spend a penny without spending a pound.

In the 21st century the lack of clean and accessible public toilets in many towns and cities across the UK is a disgrace. Are we becoming a third world country?

The need for a toilet is a basic human need.

K. Boustead, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich

Tesco elevations?

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 13:46

Re “Plans for convenience store on School Road garage site” (posted 15 November 2017), I wonder if we’re getting a Tesco?

A news story published in the Blackpool Gazette (1 March 2013) combined with the proposed elevations makes me think it might be the case. Read this story HERE

Dean Orchard, Reepham

French drumming

Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 09:39

It was a joy to see my letter published about my ancestor William Dove (Your Letters, 11 October 2017).

We do enjoy getting the Reepham Life newsletter as it keeps us in touch with a place we enjoyed visiting.

Regarding the rhythmic drumming (Your Letters, 20 June 2017), it could be our son who is a professional improvising percussionist – although he lives in France!

Best wishes to all in Reepham from down under.

James and Felicity Guthrie, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Reepham has 4G

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 21:01

Reepham appears to have 4G, at last. On Vodafone, anyway. On Station Road, at least

Sam Higenbottam, Reepham

Bedroom privacy

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 21:00

Does anyone know why so many older houses in East Anglia have their bedroom ceiling light fittings placed close to the window?

Were we such a bunch of prudes that we didn’t want our silhouette to be seen from the window to avoid casting a shadow on the curtains when undressing?

Or was it so a woman’s dressing table could be placed in front of the window with the light shining directly above in dull weather or during the hours of darkness?

Or was it supposed to replicate daylight coming in from the window?

Or did the original lightbulbs tend to explode over the bed?

It would be more logical to put the light fitting in the centre of the room – having them near the window certainly looks odd.

Any retired electricians out there?

C Anderson, Norwich

Searching for information on ancestor

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 09:08

I am searching for information on my great-great-grandfather William Hudson, who was born in 1838 in Swanton Morley and died on 19 November 1905 in Hackford next Reepham.

As a child William was sent to live in Gressenhall Workhouse. He grew up and was educated, becoming a solicitor’s clerk and accountant.

I am assuming these are small towns and there must be some local historians that may know something.

Any more information would be appreciated greatly.

Heidi Bird, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

  • If you can provide any further information on the life of William Hudson, please contact Reepham Life HERE


Political propaganda inappropriate at the market

Monday, September 18, 2017 - 18:38

Two points for Reepham Town Council:

Would it be possible for buses to park at the fire station? There seems to be a lot of space there, providing a bus would not obstruct a fire engine exiting the site.

It is short-sighted of people to complain about bus parking. We need to encourage bus services, not frighten them away.

It is also short-sighted of the Town Council to allow political parties to set up stalls in the market.

Typically, a market is for buying and selling goods, not a forum for disseminating political propaganda.

Occupation of the market square half a day a week is already a threat to permanent businesses in Reepham as it restricts access.

This is tolerable if people find the market useful, but to have the square potentially taken over by political activists seems inappropriate and is unlikely to be popular.

Did councillors seek any views of residents before making their decision?

This could easily have been done by providing an item for publication on the Reepham Life website before the decision was made, not afterwards as a fait accompli.

Rupert Birtles, Pettywell

Spar mess a let-down

Monday, September 18, 2017 - 18:26

I agree with Phillip Leeder (Your Letters, 25 August 2017).

I have often asked the staff in Spar about where they can store their rubbish and I have been told that there is nowhere else to put it.

It is a shame that it is there [outside] as the inside looks lovely now that it has been renovated.

I shop at Spar regularly and really value the service and all the staff, but the mess lets the rest of the village down and does not show Reepham off at its best.

Jackie Speer, Irwin Close, Reepham