Grant to help reintroduce grazing on Whitwell Common

The trustees of Whitwell Common near Reepham have been successful with their application for a Biffa Award for a biodiversity improvement project, which is understood to be worth more than £25,000.

The grant will be used to carry out the work needed to restore the rare fen habitat and reintroduce grazing to this Site of Special Scientific Interest, said Lin Garland, chairman of Whitwell Common trustees.
It is hoped the improved drainage, along with a carefully planned grazing programme, will help to expand the wildflower meadows and increase the biodiversity of the site.
The funds will also make it possible to reinstate the three ponds, creating a haven for frogs, toads, newts and many other species.
Ecologist Ed Stocker of Norfolk County Council, which, along with Natural England, oversees the site, said: “The Biffa Award grant will help us to move forward with the management and conservation of Whitwell Common at a time when future funding is uncertain and may be difficult to secure.”
Reepham Town Council provided more than £2,570 as a third-party contribution to enable the trustees to complete their application for the Biffa Award grant for the conservation fencing project.
Details of the timing of the work have yet to be announced.
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