Co-op plans described as ‘over-development’ and ‘inappropriate’

At its April meeting, Reepham Town Council agreed unanimously to object to the planning application (20180421) to demolish the redundant Reepham Motors garage on School Road and erect a Co-op convenience store.

Picture © Reepham Community Press

The Council was concerned the development would have a detrimental impact on existing businesses in Reepham.
Further, it argued the proposal did not meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework with regards to traffic (and it was understood Norfolk County Council as the highway authority had already submitted objections to the plans).
Concerns about potential noise and privacy issues for neighbouring properties were also highlighted.
Resident’s objections were noted at the meeting. Concern was expressed by several residents about the plans as there seemed to be only minor alterations from the previous application.
Other concerns highlighted included the lack of privacy and possible noise nuisance for neighbouring properties, the impact the store would have on existing businesses and the detrimental impact the development would have on traffic, cyclists and pedestrians.
Overall, it was felt the proposal was an overdevelopment of the site and not appropriate for that location.
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