First Katja Livsey Achievement Awards presented to students

The first Katja Livsey Achievement Awards were presented on 17 December to a number of students at Reepham College.

College director John Randall spoke about Katja and her studies and how her hard work had won her a place at the University of Liverpool School of Medicine, when she was killed in a road accident in November 2013 aged 19.
Katja’s mother Hilary Livsey said: “I felt very proud of her and very pleased to be able to honour her in this way, and I want to thank everyone again who has supported Birdy’s Bike Ride. I’m sure that we, along with all of Katja’s friends, will be biking again for her this summer.”
The achievement awards have been set up to help students travel to university open days and attend extra courses, or any extracurricular activities needed to help them get to university.
The following college students were chosen as having not only achieved at a high level, but also overcome personal issues to do so: Zahra Clembintson, Jack Davis, Lucy Johnson, Sean Bickle, Nicola Kershaw, Molly Linden-Ball, Hollie Parsons, Owen Pohajdak, Grace Spenceley, Gaby Streeter, Constance Tidd, Aaron Watling and Joseph Weston.
Ms Livsey added that she is also planning to run a half marathon this spring to raise money for road safety awareness. This is linked to the road safety video in which she featured that was launched last November at Reepham College as part of a presentation by Norfolk police aimed at young people across the county.
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