Foods to avoid feeding your dog

By Tom Robertson

My cases of the month are the lovely Tess and Kya. Both needed our help as they had found and eaten several hot cross buns while their owner’s back was turned.

Luckily they were seen soon after and vomiting was induced using a drug called apomorphine. A tiny amount of this injected under the skin works incredibly well to stimulate vomiting and both dogs soon produced plenty of evidence of their wrong doing: Tess producing the biggest pile of half-digested bun!

Not everyone is aware but raisins and to a lesser extent grapes can cause significant damage to canine kidneys and this does not always appear to correlate with the amount ingested.

The toxic mechanism is unknown, but I have personally lost a patient as the result of Christmas cake being eaten, and potential kidney toxicity has to be taken seriously.

Tess and Kya had fluid therapy for 48 hours and their kidney parameters were monitored. Luckily both showed no evidence of renal failure and they have since returned home.

Chocolate toxicity is generally well known as another potentially serious problem in dogs, but we still see plenty of dogs around Easter time who have managed to help themselves to some unattended treats.

If this happens we can advise on the toxic dose over the phone if the amount and type (milk/dark) consumed is known and therefore recommend whether treatment is needed or not.

If there is any doubt as to what has been eaten we recommend inducing vomiting as soon as possible.

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