Building a digital timeline of past businesses

The Reepham Archive is beginning to build a digital timeline that will show how the Market Place and adjoining streets have changed over the past 150 years.

The Archive has a large collection of photographs that need to be categorised and catalogued to be able to provide details of all the businesses and shops, their owners, staff and customers during that time.

For instance, if we know when what is now Diane’s Pantry changed from Austins to Uttings it helps us date other events recorded in other photographs.

If you have any old photos or stories the Archive would love to see them. We can scan these and return the originals to you. With your permission we can add them to our website for others to see and enjoy.

This view taken in the early 20th century is marked Norwich Road, now known as Church Hill. The fine tomb has railings, when did they disappear?

Who are the people in the photograph, when was it taken, what business has the awning?

A butcher’s shop according to another photo, possibly taken a little later, also shows a sign for Eglinton’s Ironmongers on the end wall, now number 21. When was the sign added?

If you would like to help us answer these questions come and see us.

  • The Reepham Archive is open on the first Wednesday and Saturday of the month from 10 am – 12 noon (or by appointment), upstairs in the Bircham Centre, Market Place. Come and see our collection of magazines, deeds, documents, photographs, reminiscences and memorabilia about Reepham and its people. Email: