Broadland announces preferred sites for development

Broadland District Council has announced three sites as “preferred options” for development in Reepham. The decision could mean around 160 new homes for the town being proposed up to 2026.

Land to the south of Dereham Road is proposed to accommodate 90 new homes

The three sites selected are: part of the Reepham 2 site to the south of Dereham Road (90 homes); land to the east of Whitwell Road opposite the High School (50 homes); and land at the former station yard on Station Road, where a mixed development of residential and employment would see around 20 new homes being built.
These sites were among those on the original shortlist and additional alternatives proposed, as well as some recent sites put forward.
However, the site next to the primary school and the Reepham 1 site on Cawston Road have not been included as preferred options.
Broadland says the preferred sites “have been selected because they are believed to be the most appropriate way of meeting the requirement for new homes and other forms of development being preferable to other alternatives”.
The Council will now undertake a public consultation of its Preferred Options document, which will last for eight weeks from 1 July 2013. An exhibition of the plans is expected to be held in Reepham early on in this process.
Broadland intends to produce brief “concept statements” setting out how proposed development may be carried out.
In particular, all the preferred sites in Reepham come with the requirement that a sustainable drainage system be provided.
The site to the east of Whitwell Road has 2.1 hectares allocated for residential development and a further 1.7 hectares of land to the south allocated for open space and landscaping.
Broadland identified Reepham as a Key Service Centre in its Joint Core Strategy, allocating around 100-200 new houses “with the encouragement of appropriate local job growth”.
The Council recognises that improvements to the social and physical infrastructure will be needed, including the schools, highways and recreational provision, as well as the sewerage system. Funding towards this may be required from the developer directly or indirectly through the Community Infrastructure Levy that is paid by the developer.
It is expected that the three sites will progress to full planning permission within two years from the adoption of the Development Plan Document, with development expected to commence within a further 3-5 years, otherwise alternative sites may be considered.
In Cawston, land east of Gayford Road has been allocated for around 20 dwellings, while Aylsham could see some 550 new houses being built up to 2026.
Click HERE for the Site Allocations Development Plan Document – Preferred Options. For Reepham, see pages 120-129.
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