Reepham College in top 1% of schools nationally

Reepham High School & College’s strong A-level results over the past three years has put it in among the top 30 schools and colleges across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Each year the Advanced Level Performance System (ALPS) provides a detailed analysis of A-level performance at 2,890 schools and colleges. Its latest assessment positions Reepham College in the top 1% of post-16 providers nationally.
“This recognition represents a truly remarkable achievement and is testament to the efforts of students, the support of their parents, the skill of our staff and the strength of all other community connections with Reepham College,” the college said in a statement.
“Reepham College students come from all over the county, not just from Reepham High School, so it really is an accolade to students from many areas of Norfolk.”
RHSC headteacher Tim Gibbs and college director Paul Beale passed on their thanks and congratulations to all students past and present, the college team, parents and governors.
They also recognised the contribution and support of local businesses, who regularly give up time to work alongside the students.


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