Panther Brewery launches dry hopped lager

Following requests from customers, Reepham’s Panther Brewery is to launch a lager beer, which will be available in the New Year.

Hunter Dry Hopped Lager is brewed with locally produced ingredients, including Flagon barley grown by Salle Farms and malted by Crisp Maltings at Great Ryburgh.
The new beer has been brewed traditionally using the German “lagering” process, which involves conditioning the beer for a minimum of one month at temperatures of 12°C or less and gives lager its characteristic flavour.
Panther’s head brewer Martin James explained: “Our lager will be similar to our real ale, where the yeast is key in conditioning the beer in a bottle or cask – the longer the time the yeast is in contact with the beer, the better the flavour.”
“While this may cause a dilemma for commercial lager brewers, who like to produce a high volume in the shortest possible time, we brew in small batches – and are prepared to wait.
“We believe that, having used great flavoured, local ingredients, it would not be sensible to filter and pasteurise the lager, as this would risk removing desirable flavours.”
Hunter Dry Hopped Lager has a crisp and refreshing flavour with a hint of juicy, aromatic hops and goes well with spicy foods. The new beer, which is suitable for vegans, is best served chilled and poured carefully.
“We hope hotels, pubs and retail shops will continue to support our locally brewed beer, which in turn will benefit the local economy,” said Mr James.

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