Doorstep cold-callers enquiring about property insulation

Norfolk County Council is warning residents to be on their guard after receiving reports of doorstep cold-callers in the Reepham area.

Photo: Age UK

In the incident, a resident received a doorstep cold-call from men who claimed he was “calling at properties that are not properly insulated as part of a government-funded scheme”.
The Reepham resident told Reepham Life that the men said they were from B-Ecosmart and were “dressed as cricketers”.
The resident declined the offer and reported the cold call to the county council.
Residents are advised to be very wary of claims made by doorstep cold-callers and never give access to your property, agree to services, buy items or for return visits if approached in this manner.
It is possible this cold-caller could move onto other areas in Norfolk.
Impartial advice on energy saving and accessing grant schemes is available from the Energy Saving Trust.
Anyone concerned about doorstep cold calling in Norfolk can contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline via their online reporting form or by telephone on 03454 040506.

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