Public toilets trashed by anti-social vandals

The public toilets in Pudding Pie Alley, Reepham, had to be closed on the morning of Wednesday 19 February as a result of “mindless” vandalism.

Photo: Reepham Town Council

A toilet-roll holder was smashed off the wall, a soap dispenser broken and soap poured all around the toilets.
All the toilet rolls were wasted as they were either stuffed down the toilet, in the sink or scattered around in the mess that was left on the floor.
This follows other incidents over Christmas where one of the toilet seats was smashed off its hinges, toilet rolls regularly shoved down the toilet and the toilet flushed until it flooded.
Meanwhile, the skylight on the men’s side of the roof of the toilets has been damaged.
There have been other acts of vandalism and anti-social behaviour, all of which have to be cleaned up and repaired at a cost to the town council, which manages the toilets on behalf of Broadland District Council.
The incidents have all been reported to the police.
Town council clerk Jo Boxall said the future of the public toilets could be affected if the vandalism continues.
If anyone knows anything about this or sees anything, please telephone Norfolk Constabulary on 101 or report it to Reepham Town Council on 01603 873355 or email

Photos: Reepham Community Press

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