Despite pandemic, it’s business as usual in Reepham – well, sort of

By Judy Holland
The government has just announced that all pubs, cafés and restaurants must close from tonight, Friday 20 March.

Well-stocked shelves at Norfolk Farm Shop & Deli. Photo: Reepham Community Press

However, the shops in Reepham’s Market Place will remain open as usual. Ask staff if you cannot find what you need and they will order it in for you, some of the shops may also be able to deliver.
Meanwhile, the Reepham Pizza House on Townsend Corner remains open as normal, although the Happy House Chinese Takeaway in Back Street will be closed indefinitely from Monday 23 March.
So save petrol, buy locally and keep the virus at bay.
To brighten up your day, before you go in to shop for your favourite cuts of meat from Robertson’s Butchers, read the hilarious chalkboards outside the shop (pictured below).
A cash-back facility is available inside the Spar owing to the ATM being out of action.
Banking and cash withdrawals are available from the post office, which is also open on Sunday mornings, together with the newsagents for newspapers and groceries.
There will be no church services for the foreseeable future; however, St Mary’s will remain open for private prayer and dropping off food donations for the food bank.
It is also business as usual for the Country Salon hairdresser’s on the first floor of the Dial House. Entry is by pressing the bell pad to the right of the main hotel entrance with a short wait while one of the staff comes downstairs to escort you to the salon.
Parking is available in the Market Place (90-minute maximum during weekdays), the Station Road car park or “park and stride” from Stimpson’s Piece, Bartle Court (off Station Road), just a five-minute brisk walk away.
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Photos: Reepham Community Press

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