Residents urged to comment on Broomhill Lane plans

By Richard Taylor
With comments arriving at Broadland District Council’s planning department in connection with the proposed development of 141 dwellings on land off Broomhill Lane, Realistic Reepham chairman Mark Bridges has welcomed Reepham Town Council’s letter of objection to the district council, which “clearly echo the feelings of a majority of residents.

Example of traffic congestion on School Road, Reepham, at 3.45 pm on a school day. Photo: Colin Prince

“The public consultation in February showed that only 4% approved of the development ‘in principle’ and only 7% approved of the use of Broomhill Lane as the single access route,” he said.
According to the lobby group, residents’ comments on the Broadland planning portal suggest that the developers have not addressed the concerns expressed at the public consultation in February and that their agents have not understood Reepham’s unique features, nor how easily its infrastructure can be overloaded.
Comments about increased traffic congestion feature heavily, as well as the reduction in the expected percentage of affordable homes and ecological impacts.
Mr Bridges added: “The thoughtful comments already recorded on a wide range of issues just show the connection Reepham people feel to their town and their wish for it not to become just another suburb. I urge people to have their say.”
The usual planning procedures have been made more difficult by the coronavirus lockdown, but all relevant documents can be viewed online (application number 20200847).
The closing date for comments is 27 May 2020. These can be made online, by email or by letter to: Planning, Broadland District Council, Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Road, Norwich NR7 0DU, quoting planning application 20200847.
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