Reepham start-up launches rapid Covid-19 antigen test for businesses

A Reepham-based company is seeking local businesses to join a rapid Covid-19 antigen test pilot rollout.

Above: Bernie Williams of My DNA Health with the Covid-19 antigen rapid test kit and test card result.

According to My DNA Health, the advanced test has been proven to be as accurate as the gold-standard polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, yet it is cheaper than others at just £10.
The PCR test detects viral DNA and requires specialist equipment, a laboratory and skilled staff; results can take 48–72 hours.
However, the Reepham start-up has made a rapid antigen test available that is much faster and cheaper than the PCR test with results provided in as little as 10 minutes, which the company says makes it ideal for mass testing and weekly testing in companies to help provide a more secure environment for workers on site.
This could have major implications, not only for economic recovery, but also for allowing essential businesses to stay open safely throughout the current lockdown.
The rapid test does not require a laboratory or equipment as the test card does all the processing and displays positive/negative results within 10 minutes.
My DNA Health has also developed CovidPass (for both iOS and Android), which is a digital application to be used alongside the antigen test to help individuals access their results.
The application, which can be downloaded to mobile devices, receives the result sent via the health care professional administering the test and displays a negative result as a CovidPass, which is valid for five days.
Those with positive results are instructed to get a PCR test and follow current national guidelines.
Antigens are part of the virus that trigger the immune system’s response to fight the infection, and can show up before antibodies are made.
“Testing for antigens can quickly identify people who are infected with Covid-19 and at greatest risk of spreading the disease,” said My DNA Health chief executive officer Bernie Williams.
“It’s a solution to mass testing and complementary to PCR testing as those who test positive with the antigen test are directed to self-isolate and follow national guidelines and seek a PCR test.”
She added that emerging reports from China indicate that most people (as many as 80%) who test positive for Covid-19 had no symptoms.
Companies interested in joining the rapid antigen test pilot rollout can contact My DNA Health by email or telephone 020 3773 8641. More information HERE

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