Campaign to ban vehicles from green lane

Norfolk County Council issued an emergency road closure in mid-December for an unclassified road between Themelthorpe and Foulsham after its condition deteriorated. The road closure is set to remain in place at least until the end of summer.

Fox and Hounds Lane. Photo: Birgit Griem/Reclaim the Lane

A community group has now launched a crowdfunding campaign to reclassify Fox and Hounds Lane to permanently ban all motorised vehicles, especially 4x4 vehicles, from it, so that it is again usable by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.
The group held a socially distanced meeting on the site last September. Calling itself Reclaim the Lane, it aims to raise £8,500 to cover legal costs associated with the reclassification process – more than £3,600 has already been raised.
Some repairs have started on the unsurfaced road and will continue once the lane has dried out. Further repairs will be carried out later in the year, after the initial repairs have had a chance to settle.
The fundraising page is available HERE

Fox and Hounds Lane (shown in orange) is classified as an unsurfaced road. Image: Birgit Griem/Reclaim the Lane

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