Public toilets in Reepham vandalised again

The public conveniences in Reepham have again been vandalised.

Photos: Reepham Town Council

The latest act of criminal damage occurred on Sunday 6 February between 8 am and 5 pm, and the toilets, located in Pudding Pie Alley off the Market Place, will remain closed until repairs can be carried out.
Waste pipes were ripped from the sinks, while toilets and the urinal were blocked by toilet rolls, which had been taken from the toilet roll holders that had also been smashed.
Taps were turned on so that, without the waste pipes, the floor was flooded. The lid was ripped from a toilet and the ball valve damaged which caused further flooding and the floor was strewn with toilet paper.
This follows an earlier incident just before Christmas when the toilets were vandalised, with tiles being smashed, door surrounds pulled off and toilet rolls thrown into the toilets.
The town council had the public toilets repaired at a cost to the council tax payers of Reepham.
Town council chair Paul Mitchell said: “Yet again the town council will have to pay for the repairs, using money from the council tax that could have been used to bring about improvements in the town.”
The public toilets were also vandalised in February 2020 following earlier incidents.
Following information provided by members of the public, those responsible for the latest incident have now been identified.
The matter is now in the hands of the police, and the toilets will be repaired and reopened as soon as possible.
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The people caught for the


The people caught for the damage they made in the toilet block should be made to pay for the repairs, not town council funds.