Fence posts and trees vandalised on Back Lane

On Monday 27 May, someone pulled out fence posts and a row of planted hawthorn on the corner of Back Lane and Broomhill Lane near the high school. They threw the posts on the field and the plants into the field bank.

Photos: Helen Lindsay

I can only guess that they think the corner boundary line is incorrect, but if whoever did this wants to know about the boundary, I would suggest they ask rather than rip up posts and damage property.
I have reported this to the police who really should be dealing with more important matters.
If anyone knows who might have done this – as I am sure they must be local – could you please ask them to desist and if they have any questions about the boundary line to ask me about them.
This was the second time that my plants have been damaged here, but I will be replacing them and the posts along the line of my land and hope that whoever has done this will cease such cowardly anti-social behaviour.
Helen Lindsay, Hackford Vale, Reepham

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