Tough budget decisions on public services

By Cllr Greg Peck

At County Hall we will have some tough decisions to make this year as we struggle to balance the budget.

The many services Norfolk County Council run include ensuring children and young people have the best start in life, providing the fire and rescue service, protecting vulnerable people, maintaining a safe road system and helping to improve the local economy; we spend more than £1 billion pounds a year providing public services.

The use of such services, particularly by those becoming older, is growing every year. Demand is rising, but the amount we receive from central government is declining: we now receive £204 million less each year compared with 2011/12.

We have developed a financial strategy to overcome these challenges, but this means we must continue to make some difficult decisions about how we spend your money.

If you have any questions about County Council policies, or indeed any other matter, please contact me for advice or support.

Cllr Greg Peck, Norfolk County Council, Reepham Division
Tel: 07972 230282