Sports hall or affordable housing?

Readers might not realise from your news story (Plans submitted for 141 houses off Broomhill Lane) that the developer’s justification for the shortfall in affordable houses (20% instead of the stipulated 30%) and 21 additional dwellings (141 instead of the specified 120) is its decision to contribute £1.5 million to a new sports hall for Reepham High School.

No doubt the school governors (including Reepham’s district councillor, Stuart Beadle) are fully supportive of this, but it does not seem right that the school’s gain should be at the cost to the whole community of affordable homes and overdevelopment of the site.

Readers may wish to point out to Broadland District Council (email that this application breaches the council’s own development plan.

Michael Pender-Cudlip, Mill Road, Reepham