Questions over the number of dwellings on residential development

So, the developer of the Broomhill Lane site says it will contribute £1.5 million towards a new sports hall for the high school.

No developer makes a financial contribution without ensuring there are beneficial gains, hence the increase in the number of dwellings from 120 to 141, with further incursion into the rural landscape.

To recoup this substantial contribution will add approximately a further £10,640 per dwelling. What does this do to the viable affordable costs of the dwellings?

Is this a genuine, no-conditions-attached offer towards a new sports hall for the high school?

And if so, then why is the developer seeking to raise the number of dwellings from what was originally proposed (agreed) when the land was allocated for residential development?

Perhaps these questions need answering from those concerned before the planning application is determined.

Russell Vincent, Hackford Vale