Keep your ‘Christmas bubble’ Covid-safe with an instant self-test

As up to three households will be allowed to congregate between 23 and 27 December, there are many ways to keep your “Christmas bubble” Covid-safe.

Top of this list should be a self-test for your family before visiting anyone, according to Reepham-based bioscience company myDNAhealth.
A rapid antigen test can tell if someone is currently infectious, which is extremely useful for those who have no symptoms and unaware they could be spreading the disease.
The government’s line is: “Yes, there is a risk [for households mixing]. But it’s our ‘personal responsibility’ to weigh this up for ourselves and our families.”
Infections are declining, but the virus is still out there. Studies show that five days is generally enough for the virus to either make itself known or die off.
According to Professor Sally Bloomfield, microbiologist and honorary professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, if everyone isolated for five days prior to meeting and then had a test, that would be the safest way of mixing (source: MailOnline).
Covid antigen rapid test kits are now available from myDNAhealth. The rapid test has been proven to be 97% accurate and has already been used by 5 million people worldwide.
The tests come in a box of 10 and do not require a laboratory or equipment as the antigen test card does all the processing and displays a positive or negative result in 15 minutes.
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