God bless our NHS staff and all key workers

Holiday season is approaching; there are lots of reasons why this is all the more necessary.

Many of our hard-working National Health Service staff will be having annual leave at last.

After 73 years since the founding of the NHS, the country’s largest employer by far, Her Majesty The Queen has awarded all staff past and present with the George Cross.

My mum texted and asked if we get this? I said in kind only.

Can you imagine the number of Crosses that would need to be made for all staff past and present because that would include both myself and her and so many others?

I told my mum that we could add it after our names (though I’m not sure if that’s allowed).

To be honoured is so important; it boosts morale, and we all need that as well as a holiday.

This year most of us will not be jetting off and that will be great for the environment.

We have decided to not fly as much as possible, but to go by train or bus or even our old (but new to us) motorhome.

Having a holiday is vital for us to recover, rest and refresh all that we need to do – and this year more so.

We don’t know what winter will bring so we must be as rested as possible, and God bless our NHS staff and all the key workers who have worked tirelessly for us.

I pray for their holidays and time out. We honour you.

Happy holidays.

Revd Helen Rengert
Team Rector, Reepham and Wensum Valley Team Churches