Violence rocks popular Reepham eatery

The victim of an argument over food was lucky to escape without serious harm
By Charles Butcher
An unprovoked attack at a well-known dining outlet in Reepham fortunately left its victim with no lasting damage apart from a bruised ego.

Caught on camera: The intruder cowers as Big Pig prepares to charge. Norfolk Hedgehogcam

The row started when Big Pig, a hedgehog of no fixed abode, objected to another male hedgehog trying to muscle in on his food dish.
After swaggering in, the newcomer soon panicked. He rolled up and was shoved aside like a discarded football, later being pushed into a dish of water.
His attacker quickly left the scene of the crime.
The incident was caught on CCTV and you can watch the full shocking video on the Norfolk Hedgehogcam YouTube channel.
The race to gain weight
Tensions may be running high as autumn approaches. Hedgehogs, especially youngsters, need to put on weight in readiness for hibernation.
Big Pig is reported to be fond of Spike’s Crunchy Dry Hedgehog Food, but hedgehogs also appreciate cat biscuits and meaty cat and dog food, as well as a dish of fresh water.
Hedgehogs can travel a kilometre or more in their nightly ramblings. If your garden fence is hedgehog-proof, talk to your neighbours about cutting a hole 13 cm wide so that hogs can get around safely.
As we move towards winter, watch out for hedgehogs hibernating in compost heaps and bonfire piles.
The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has plenty of useful information on how to encourage hogs in your garden.

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