Autumn is a season of remembering and honouring

The beauty of autumn is all around us in the changing colours of the leaves and the skies.

It is a time of remembering, recalling our memories of places we have known and people we dearly miss and see no longer.

The season of autumn draws into the falling of leaves that enable squirrels to bury their nuts and provisions for the winter.

It reminds us that as creatures hibernate, we too need more rest as we spend a longer time indoors and in the darkness with the changing hours of the clock.

This season in the church is called the Kingdom Season.

First, we are reminded that we are All Saints (October this year) and then, for those who dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven, All Souls.

We hold in memory services that are very important this year as we hope to be in person in our churches.

Then we are invited to recall and honour people at our Remembrance Services, with poppies holding a deep significance for us.

Then we remember Christ the King, Jesus as the sovereign of God’s Kingdom, a great finale of the church year before we begin the New Year starting with Advent (28 November this year).

There are lots of opportunities across the Reepham and Wensum Valley Team Churches to join in with the remembering and honouring.

We also have Advent groups starting throughout November, focusing on different aspects of prayer and connection to God, utilising ancient and new resources, including silence and mindfulness.

Please see our website for more details.

Revd. Helen Rengert, Team Rector, Reepham and Wensum Valley Team Churches