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Benefits of Bread Source at the Dial House

Thursday, December 7, 2023 - 17:26

It’s wonderful to see the Bread Source café in the Dial House doing so well. Long may it last.

I have never seen so many cars and people in Reepham before. I hope that all the local businesses are benefitting.

Terry Lawton, Bircham Road, Reepham

Update on Market Place defibrillator

Friday, October 27, 2023 - 11:35

In response to Jan König’s letter of 23 October (“Life-saving defibrillator out of action”), the defibrillator in Reepham Market Place is owned and maintained by Original Cottages, with the assistance of the Community Heartbeat Trust.

Since it was drawn to the attention of the town council that the defibrillator is not operational, we have been working with both organisations to try and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Kirsty Cotgrove, Town Clerk, Reepham Town Council

Life-saving defibrillator out of action

Monday, October 23, 2023 - 08:19

I would be interested in finding out what is wrong with the defibrillator that was installed in the Market Place earlier this year. Does anyone know?

It’s had a notice scrawled in red pen stuck on it for weeks, which says “Out of Order”; it doesn’t give any other information.

Has it been reported to anyone? What exactly is wrong with it? Who needs to fix it? And what if it’s needed?

It hasn’t been there that long. Surely these machines should be fixed quickly as the whole point of having them is being able to use them quickly if needed.

Just wondering if there is any information about it anywhere.

Jan König, Reepham

Photo: Reepham Community Press

Town council is right to resist Neighbourhood Plan

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 - 19:13

Reepham Town Council has done the right thing in resisting District Cllr Stuart Beadle’s attempts to push for a Neighbourhood Plan.

As a former local authority planning officer and having been involved in such proposals, the principal issues tend to be housing allocations and highway issues.

In Reepham’s case, Broadland District Council has already determined that the future housing requirements for the town of 141 homes for the next 25 or so years will be at a single site at Broomhill Lane, next to the high school and college and proposed sports hall – despite the significant number of local objections and the local road network not being “fit for purpose”.

And the only highway issues that are considered will relate to traffic management and not highway improvements due to financial restraints.

The town council needs to be extremely careful regarding any “willing volunteers” coming forward as there have been significant cases of “vested interests”, especially relating to facilitating housing development for reasons other than the best interests of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Hugh Ivins, Whitwell

Thanks to all who made the car show a success

Monday, September 25, 2023 - 20:31

I would like to thank all the people that helped make Reepham Classic Car Show a great success this year after three years’ absence.

Without the help of the Reepham & District Rotary Club, Reepham Town Council and volunteers it simply would not have happened.

Hugh Ivins and I decided to resurrect the show in honour of the late Peter Fitzjohn, who masterminded the event for seven years. I now appreciate what went into his efforts. We hope we did you justice, Peter.

We hope to repeat the event next year on Sunday 29 September with everybody’s help again.

I believe our very special town and community deserve events like this. They help make Reepham a special place to live in.

Many thanks again to all who made this event possible.

Steve Capel, Reepham

Community Speed Watch on Norwich Road

Wednesday, August 16, 2023 - 15:38

Please can the Community Speed Watch team set up somewhat closer to the bridge when monitoring Norwich Road, Reepham?

They can then record vehicles’ speed before cars have to slow down to negotiate the bridge.

I’m sure regular drivers will know by now that having been warned of the speed watch team’s presence by the sign on Booton green, they are safe to continue speeding right up to the bridge as the team always sets up just before The Moor turning.

Mike Rogers, Booton

Churchyard wall repairs

Sunday, July 30, 2023 - 12:26

What were they doing for four days? Why was only part of the wall repaired? How much did that cost?

When I walked past, no one could be seen working, the van was parked within the closed-off area and the engine was running. Why?

The low-level wall still looks a mess.

Fred Smith, Bircham Road, Reepham

How to keep deer out and the vegetables in

Tuesday, April 11, 2023 - 12:24

When I moved to Reepham Moor eons ago, when the world was young, the only mammal pest in the vegetable garden was rabbits.

They were easily fended off with a chicken-wire fence, 18 inches high, supported on canes, easy to erect and remove, if a bit unsightly.

Then the Muntjac began to appear, wonderful at first, then more and more annoying as prime veg started to disappear.

We soon found that visual scarers like "glitter bangs" were useless. Rags soaked in diesel work, but who wants smelly rags all over the garden?

Fences proliferated and got higher and higher until the veg garden came to resemble an abandoned concentration camp, yet still they got through and losses continued.

Obviously, a completely deer-proof fence around the whole vegetable garden was needed if we were to go on growing vegetables.

So, giving up not being an option, we thought a bit and did some preliminary experiments.

The design criteria were: not too intrusive; as tidy as possible; lightweight; removable; and as economical as possible.

The final design has worked 100% for two years:

Posts: 2 inches by 5 feet, treated and pointed, spaced 6 feet apart. Bore a pilot hole with an augur in an electric drill to take the work out of putting them in. 2½ or 3 inch posts at the corners.

Fencing: 4-foot, green, plastic-coated wire with quite a large rectangular mesh so as not to be too visible, attached to the posts with removable plastic ties. Leave a gap at the bottom for strimming weeds.

Gates as required. Tile splines simply fastened at the corners with angle brackets from the “middle of Lidl”. Put in one diagonal to prevent sagging. Hook-and-band hinges to make gate easily removable. Simple latches.

This design works well on the deer. (Given their success in the wild, beavers might become the next pest.)

Ian Sinclair, The Moor, Reepham

Mysterious excavations in the fields

Thursday, March 9, 2023 - 09:58

Some months ago I noticed what appeared to be an archaeological excavation to the south of the Bawdeswell road at Pettywell.

Another has now appeared on the bend of Cawston Road where the Salle road forks off.

I assume they are preliminary investigations for the wind farm cable trenches, but what is being investigated and why?

There is no apparent information at the sites and nothing online that I can discover.

I am sure others in the area are interested in what’s going on.

Can any of your correspondents enlighten us?

Ian Sinclair, The Moor, Reepham 

Catalytic converter theft in Station Road car park

Sunday, March 5, 2023 - 17:26

I just want to make people in Reepham aware of an incident that happened in Station Road car park on the night of 28 February.

My vehicle was parked there as it usually is and the catalytic converter and lambda sensor was stolen, meaning someone must have jacked up the car in the night and cut this out, which meant I wasn’t able to get into work the next day.

I’m not aware of any CCTV in the area but am wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else in Reepham and if the council have ever considered fitting CCTV in the area?

It is very upsetting and unnerving to know that this has happened in Reepham.

I just want to make others aware so they can take precaution when they park here overnight.

Imogen Langley, Station Road, Reepham