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  • Allotment vacancies for enthusiastic tenants

    Monday, July 31, 2017 - 14:41

    There are currently vacancies on two of the allotment sites in Reepham. A half-plot is available for handover on Stony Lane and there are three (soon to be four) vacant plots on Fiddler’s Field in desperate need of new tenants.

    The plots at Fiddlers Field do require some hard graft (or a good rotavator) before they can be cultivated, but the Town Council is willing to negotiate the rent on these plots in exchange for an enthusiastic tenant!

    Six years ago Reepham Town Council created several new allotments. The Council took a 20-year lease of a field off Stony Lane near Marriott’s Way and Fiddler’s Field off World’s End Lane in Reepham.

    The Council was successful in its bid for external funding to plough the plots, improve access and fence in the sites. There is the equivalent of 27 full-size plots on the Stony Lane site and 29 on Fiddler’s Field. There are currently 75 plot-holders.

    All sites comprise of a mixture of full size (11 metre x 22 metre plot) and half size (11m x 11m plots), with a few odd sizes thrown in for good measure.

    As of 1 April 2017, a full-size plot costs £50 per year; a half-plot costs £25. An additional £15 charge is added for non-residents.

    When allocating allotments, although priority is given to Reepham residents, the Town Council welcomes non-residents too.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me

    • If you are considering renting a plot and would like to have a look, please contact: Jo Boxall, Town Clerk 01603 873355 or email


  • Alternative sites sought for bus parking

    Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 21:29

    The latest Town Council meeting was held in the Town Hall on 12 April when discussion of several local topics was overshadowed by a longstanding issue that may well have wider consequences for the town and for many of its residents.

    As readers of Reepham Life, you will be aware of complaints about buses parking near the junction of Norwich Road and Bircham Road.

    Apparently, the situation has worsened to the extent that bus drivers are claiming that they are subjected to personal abuse and harassment.

    Although complainants had been invited to the meeting to discuss their problems, regrettably without response, councillors considered the matter in some depth.

    Unfortunately, there appear to be very few locations with access suitable for buses where they can be parked and it was generally agreed that the area near the junction of Bircham Road and Norwich Road offered the only reasonable location, not being in front of, or obstructing access to, residential properties.

    However, it was agreed that the Council would seek alternative sites with adequate access and would also look into the possibility of introducing some form of traffic control measure with dedicated bus parking areas.

    It was also recognised that, unless the parking problem for buses could be resolved, there is a possibility that the existing services could be either curtailed or withdrawn because of the lack of suitable parking.

    This would have a dramatic impact on residents who rely on public transport, particularly those without access to any other form of transport.

    It was therefore agreed that the Council would support the bus service by seeking alternative parking arrangements but that, in the meantime, there does not appear to be a suitable alternative other than in Bircham Road.

    The Council would therefore respectfully ask local residents to support the service by accepting that buses may be parked in Bircham Road until such time as an alternative location can be found.

  • No action on Townsend Corner crossing petition

    Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 07:36

    The latest meeting of Reepham Town Council took place in the Town Hall on Wednesday 8 March, when councillors dealt with routine, but nevertheless important, public and financial protection policies, as well as dealing with other matters of more immediate interest to local residents.

    The most high profile topic discussed concerned a petition raised by a group of residents requesting the provision of pedestrian crossings at the Townsend Corner crossroads.

    Unfortunately, councillors were unaware of the existence of this petition until the town clerk was approached by officers of Norfolk County Council seeking our views on the proposals.

    In the past, when residents have rai - s ed issues concerning road safety, councillors have investigated the options available and, in co-operation with the County Council, have agreed and funded improvements where possible.

    In the case of this petition, councillors felt that, in the absence of any dialogue with the organisers, they were unable to take a view on their proposals and it was therefore agreed not to take any action on the matter.

    However, should anybody or group wish to discuss this or any other matter of public concern, please do not hesitate to raise the matter publicly at our regular Town Council meetings or personally with the town clerk or any of your councillors.