The Dial House bought by Reepham couple

Hannah Springham and Andrew Jones, who opened Farmyard Restaurant in Norwich last year, have bought the Dial House in Reepham

Farm and Countryside Family Day at Mayfields Farm

Mayfields Farm in Themelthorpe is holding a Farm and Countryside Family Day on Saturday 28 April

Panther launches craft ale in aluminium bottles

Reepham's award-winning microbrewery has introduced two new craft ales packaged in ground-breaking aluminium bottles

Concert at Salle to showcase masters of the Baroque

North Norfolk Chorale will give a concert at St Peter and St Paul, Salle, on Saturday 19 May featuring works by two masters of Baroque music: Purcell and Bach

Food science a big hit at primary school

Eight STEMM Ambassadors from Reepham High School delivered a day of food science to pupils at Reepham Primary School