Friday, November 6, 2020 - 09:25

The Reepham Rotary Recovery Initiative is designed to support local organisations that have been stretched by the current coronavirus pandemic as they get back to work following the recent restrictions on activities.

The total donated to date has topped £2,500 and the first grants have been agreed.

As well as substantial members’ contributions, the Reepham & District Rotary Club has welcomed donations from a wide range of residents and businesses. It is hoped that many more businesses and individuals will contribute as word spreads.

The fund has agreed to pay £500 towards materials to refurbish a mobile classroom for use by the school chaplain to provide much needed counselling for high school students.

It will also pay £450 towards the cost of new storage facilities for use by organisations at the Bircham Centre.

According to Reepham Rotary’s Roy Sherlock: We have heard from other organisations and we are considering two other grants already.

“There can be no doubt that there is a big need in our community and it will only grow as restrictions continue.”

More money needed

The initial target for the fund was £2,500. However, it is clear that there is a bigger need.

While many people have financial worries, others may find they have spare cash through less travel and shopping. The Rotary Club hopes to divert that money to where it is needed.

The club is considering other projects to support the fund, although some lateral thinking is required to come up with ideas that can be put into practice during the current restrictions and welcomes co-operation with other groups that share its aims.

Donations can be made at Just Giving, over the counter at Reepham Post Office or by contacting Roy Sherlock on 07795 804452 or by email.

More details can be found on the clubs website. The Reepham Rotary Recovery Initiative is supported by Reepham Life.

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