Reepham Scouts looking for more leaders and volunteers

2nd Reepham Scout Group is looking for leaders and volunteers, and expects more local youth groups to use its headquarters located at the end of Smugglers Lane.

Established several decades ago, the scout group currently has several trained adult volunteer leaders and around 70-80 youngsters from the surrounding area, who enjoy evenings of games and teachings based on the scouting ethos.
2nd Reepham is fortunate in having a reasonably modern building – and one of the largest areas of open ground in this county.
This is surrounded by high hedges and woodland, making it ideal for the Reepham Scouts as well as visiting youth groups; this year they expect 11 youth groups to use the facility and aim to double that in 2020.
Reepham Scouts have also been fortunate in securing recent donations that will allow them to construct an environmentally friendly adventure area.
This will include landscaping and the relocation of more than 200 tonnes of earth excavated at the time the car park was constructed to provide a circular grass henge area.
The scouts are grateful to the sponsors for this project and thank those individuals, organisations and businesses that have kindly supported them, either with money, time, machinery or goods.
This work will progress over the coming months and the scouts continue to seek further support from the local community.
As one of only two local youth-based groups, 2nd Reepham Scout Group is currently seeking:

  • a full-time trained scout leader (training will be given on site with an experienced leader), which will require a commitment of 36-38 evenings a year and perhaps camps;
  • part-time volunteers: on-call adults to assist leaders on occasions, DIY tasks according to skills – and people with access to earth moving equipment!

If you can assist, please email

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