Zebra crossing ‘ditched’ at former station development site

A zebra crossing to the mixed-use development currently under construction at the former station yard site off Cawston Road/Stony Lane, Reepham, has disappeared from plans, according to town councillors.

During a discussion at last week’s meeting of Reepham Town Council regarding the provision of two new streetlights for the site, councillors were told that the latest plans showed two designated bus stops on either side of Cawston Road at Station Plain and two dropped kerbs – but no formal crossing.
The development includes provision for a convenience store, commercial offices, a 60-bed, two-storey care home, and 20 assisted flats and 15 assisted bungalows for over-75s.
Cllr Paul Mitchell said that with more pedestrians using the proposed convenience store at the front of the site, the lack of a suitable pedestrian crossing was simply “not acceptable”.
He added: “With increased traffic to the Co-op – and more pedestrians during the day and night – there should be a zebra crossing here, which will also encourage motorists to slow down.”
The proposed site plan (pictured above) approved by Broadland District Council clearly shows a zebra crossing across Cawston Road (incorrectly labelled "Station Road").
The town council said it would take up the matter with Norfolk County Council’s highways department.
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Site of proposed zebra crossing across Cawston Road. Photo: Reepham Community Press

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