More damage to churchyard wall after another hit-and-run

An unidentified vehicle has collided with the churchyard wall on Church Hill, Reepham.

Photos: Reepham Town Council

It is understood the damage was caused on Thursday 24 June between 12.30 and 13.50 pm.
It is suspected that a large vehicle, such as a lorry, may have hit the wall when attempting to drive around the bend on the narrow road near the junction with Ollands Road.
As no one has yet accepted responsibility for the damage, Reepham Town Council, which is responsible for the wall, will need to decide if it is going to submit another insurance claim.
Anyone who may have witnessed this accident, or have any information that might help identify the vehicle, is asked to contact the town clerk by telephone 01603 873355 or email.
The churchyard wall in Reepham has been damaged by vehicles – and subsequently repaired – dozens of times over the years: Church Hill had been closed to vehicles just two weeks earlier for repairs to the wall.
A letter is being drafted to Norfolk County Council’s highways department requesting prompt action regarding the installation of a bollard to prevent such damage occurring to the wall, which has been previously requested by the town council.
This work was due to be carried out last year, according to a town council spokesperson. However, despite several reminders, this work has not been carried out by the county council, with various reasons being given for the delay.
It is anticipated this matter will be discussed at the next meeting of Reepham Town Council on Wednesday 14 July.
Meanwhile, quotes for remedial work on sections of the churchyard wall that need urgent repair, including the wall on Ollands Road, are currently in progress.
A working group of town councillors is reviewing the estimates and will report back to the town council with their recommendations.

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