New counselling practice starting up in Bircham Centre

A new private counselling practice is starting up in the Bircham Centre, Market Place, Reepham.

The practice is operated by Joanna Emmerson, a qualified integrative, humanistic counsellor and psychotherapist with more than 20 years of varied and extensive experience.
Ms Emmerson studied and trained at the University of Southampton, after which she worked with local government bodies, private specialised agencies and various Ministry of Justice establishments.
She said: “My approach as an integrative practitioner means I apply elements of several different psychotherapy models, tailoring the sessions according to the client’s needs.
“In my practice I work exclusively with adults, face to face only, on both a long-term and short-term focal therapy basis, addressing wide-ranging and diverse presenting issues.
“My aim is to cultivate a therapeutic relationship of trust, which I firmly believe is paramount for any healing or growth to take place.
“I provide a supportive, non-judgemental and confidential space in which clients can better understand themselves and their own emotional responses.
“I believe everyone has the capacity within them to achieve their goals and potential. But modern life is demanding, often arduous and sometimes painful, and by considering counselling as an option, taking that first difficult step towards resolution can be made.
“I would like to help with this, to enable a positive outcome by helping to navigate a way through difficult issues.
“Please feel free to contact me. I hope to answer any questions you may have about counselling, about me and how I work, so you can decide if you would like us to work together.”
Contact: Joanna Emmerson Counselling
Tel: 07729 811172

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