County Council to make quicker decisions with more accountability

By Cllr Greg Peck

May sees the start of the political year at County Hall and this year we have seen a major change to the governance system in place there.

A vote to formally reintroduce the cabinet system was held at the annual general meeting of Norfolk County Council on 7 May, which also saw an executive leader model brought in.

This means the chief executive officer, who resigned some months ago, will not be replaced. Effectively the leader and CEO roles have been merged and a corporate board created.

When the Rainbow Alliance took control of County Hall in 2013, it changed the way the council was run from a cabinet system to a committee system.

The current administration wanted to revert to a cabinet system, believing it will mean quicker decisions and more accountability. This will enable the Council to move forward with strong, accountable decision-making and drive the transformation programmes that are in place to deliver improved and efficient services.

I have been appointed to the Cabinet and have been given the responsibility for commercial services and asset management. It is a challenge I am looking forward to.

The new Cabinet is already developing plans to balance the books and fulfil its ambitions for the council.

Cllr Greg Peck, Norfolk County Council, Reepham Division
Tel: 07972 230282