Objections to new school sports hall continue

Resubmitted plans for a new sports hall at Reepham High School & College have come under renewed scrutiny, with the town council and residents arguing they should be considered together with two other planning applications submitted to Broadland District Council.

Artist’s impression of the entrance to the new sports hall planned for at Reepham High School and College. Image: Brown & Co

These concern a proposed residential development of 141 houses off Broomhill Lane and the widening of the road situated to the south of Reepham town centre.
While the original site allocation was for a maximum of 120 dwellings, property developer Lovell Homes has added a further 21 houses to the plans and moved the proposed sports hall from the 7.5-hectare development site to part of the existing school playing fields, adjacent to Whitwell Road.
The 1,340 m2 sports hall would be partly funded by proceeds from the housing development, with opportunities for the local community and sporting teams to use the facility outside school hours, although uncertainties have been expressed about the viability of project.
At its meeting on 10 February, Reepham Town Council restated its earlier objections to the sports hall, particularly the loss of high school land and in view of a possible increase in student numbers with the housing development, which could add around 320 residents to the town.
The district council has received a number of comments on the sports hall planning application, including objections from Sport England and the Ruth Nicholls Volleyball Foundation.
The documents relating to planning application 20201183 can be viewed on Broadland District Council Planning Explorer.
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