A time of transitions

This is the time of year for transitions. At school, children are transitioning from one year group to another, perhaps even from one school to another.

Some young people will be transitioning from school to further education or the world of work.

For those with children, or who work in education, this is the time when we transition from term to holiday to term again and adjust to people being around at different times of the day and the routine altering.

Even outside the world of education some things seem to revolve around the transitioning times of school terms.

As a family we have just undergone a big transition: I have made the transition from training to ordained ministry; the children have moved schools; we have all moved house and that means a different commute for my wife.

Transition can happen at any time to any of us. It happens when we make a change in our lives or when a change is made for us. It happens when we lose someone close to us and when we gain someone close to us.

There is plenty of transition to be found in the Bible, too. Abram undergoes a transition when he becomes Abraham; David makes the transition from shepherd boy to king; Jesus’ disciples make the transition from their old lives of fishing, or the like, to one where they follow Jesus.

Transition is a natural part of our lives and, while it can sometimes be painful or at other times joyful, it is something we have to live with.

But we don’t have to cope with transitions alone. God is with us in our transitions as a constant that never changes. When we need a rock in the sea of change, God is that rock.

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Revd. Richard Turk, Assistant Curate, Reepham & Wensum Valley Team Churches

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