Road safety issues raised with county highways engineer

The town council and a number of residents continue to be concerned about aspects of road safety and damage to property caused by large vehicles coming through Reepham.

This was exemplified when a large articulated lorry became wedged around the bend by the church in Norwich Road recently, damaging the wall of the Old Rectory. The church wall on the same corner has also been damaged on a number of occasions.

The chairman of Reepham Town Council, Cllr Paul Mitchell, county councillor for Reepham Cllr Greg Peck and the town clerk have met with the Norfolk County Council highways engineer to discuss the concerns of residents and councillors.

During the meeting it was explained to the engineer that both the size of vehicles and speeds are matters of concern.

It was agreed that “Pedestrians in Road” signs and “SLOW” road markings will be installed on Norwich Road between the access to the footpath to New Road and the junction with The Moor.

Additional bollards have been erected outside Victoria House on Norwich Road and it is hoped that these will protect the property.

The engineer was also asked if a prohibition of heavy goods and other large vehicles through the Market Place, Church Hill and Norwich Road, as far as the junction with Bircham Road, (except for access) would be possible, as the road close to the church is obviously not suitable for large vehicles.

Bawdeswell unease

A councillor from Bawdeswell Parish Council attended the recent Reepham Town Council meeting as Bawdeswell also has concerns about the use of the B1145 by heavy vehicles.

There is already an advisory sign on the A1067 in Bawdeswell stating that the B1145 through Reepham is not suitable for large vehicles.

Speed limits

Monitoring by the police of speeds on Norwich Road indicated that most vehicles adhered to the 30 mph limit or were not sufficiently over the limit to lead to a prosecution.

However, given the lack of a footpath and the bend in the road, the town council and some residents feel that the current 30 mph limit is too high.

The highways engineer was asked if it would be possible to extend the 20 mph speed limit along Norwich Road to the junction with The Moor, as pedestrians use this narrow stretch of road. The town council awaits his response but will continue to pursue this option.

Police priorities

The town council chairman and district councillor Stuart Beadle attended the police priority setting meeting on 7 March. Priorities for this month include tackling anti-social behaviour and telephone cable theft.

The police have advised that, if you live outside Reepham and your internet and telephone stop working, you should check with your neighbours and if they have the same issue, contact the police on 101 to report this as it could be due to cable theft.

Also, if you are out and about in the late evening or night and see workmen on the side of the road, particularly if they do not have any traffic control system in place, the police would like to know.

Platinum Jubilee activities

Good progress is being made in planning a range of activities to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen on Saturday 4 June and Sunday 5 June.

Currently, plans include camping and entertainment at Stimpson’s Piece on the Saturday and, on the Sunday, a pageant in which people will be asked to dress in clothes appropriate to one of the seven decades of the Queen’s reign, a celebratory service and street party in the Market Place, and a family picnic at Stimpson’s Piece.

The success of these events will be dependent on the help, support and participation by the community.

If you are able to help in any way on either day, but particularly on the Sunday, the town clerk would love to hear from you.

And if you have any ideas of ways in which Reepham could be improved or would like to fill the one remaining vacancy on the town council in order to help the community, please contact the town clerk by telephone 01603 873355 or email.

Annual Town Meeting

This year’s Annual Town Meeting will be held in the Town Hall, Church Street, Reepham, on Wednesday 13 April at 7.30 pm (prior to the town council meeting. Following a statement by the town council chairman there will be an opportunity for residents to raise concerns about local issues. This meeting is open to the public and press.


Thursday, March 24, 2022 - 15:30