Donations for local housing trust will help the homeless in Norfolk

An enterprising school pupil wants to help people living on the streets of Norfolk and has set up a collection of items needed by a local housing trust.

Orla Goodson, who is 11 years old and lives in Reepham, was given a list of activities at school, one of which was to “look at local charities and find out how you can support them”.
She has spoken with St Martins Housing Trust to find out how she can help and the following is her message.
“I am writing because I would like to help the homeless. I wondered if you would be so kind as to share this message with your many readers.
“I feel that homelessness is a growing concern throughout the country as there are less affordable homes and job opportunities.
“Homelessness is not just an issue at Christmas time and that is what some people do not realise. This is a problem that continues year after year.
“Every minute of every day, people are cold and hungry. Surely this is not fair. But we can help.
“I have contacted St Martins, a local housing trust, and they have said it would be most helpful to have items [homeless people] can benefit from once they move into one of their hostels.
“I would therefore like to collect as many donations as I can, which will help support people living on the streets.”
Goods that can be donated are:

  • UHT milk
  • small bags of sugar
  • small jars of coffee
  • cereal bowls
  • marmalade and jams
  • men’s and women’s underwear (new)
  • women’s face moisturiser

Donations can be dropped off at Kerri’s Farmhouse Pine, The Old Railway Station, Station Road, Reepham, which will then be delivered directly to St Martins Housing Trust.

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