Greater respect needed for town’s recreation ground

Stimpson’s Piece was given in trust to the Stimpson’s Piece Charitable Trust by the Stimpson family to ensure that it was used as a place of recreation and enjoyment by residents of Reepham. It is good to see so many people using it in that way.

Unfortunately, there are a few people who do not show the respect and care shown by most users. This is leading to increased expenditure by the charitable trust, which relies on lettings of the pavilion and donations for its income, aided by grants from the town council.

In the past three weeks members of the trust have become aware of the following:

  • Youngsters aged 12–20 jumping on and deliberately trying to break the equipment in the toddler area.
  • Dogs on the football pitches and in the toddler play area.
  • Adults using the swings, including those in the toddler area, while their child is using the one next to them.
  • Members of the public “turning a blind eye” to anti-social behaviour even though this can be reported in confidence to the town clerk (01603 873355 or email).
  • Youngsters climbing on the roof of the youth shelter then tearing down the signs, which, for safety and insurance reasons, warn people not to climb on the roof.
  • Offensive graffiti being added to the youth shelter.
  • Youngsters on motorcycles doing “wheelies” in the car park, which damages the surface and is a danger to other users.
  • Attempts being made to break and turn over the litter bins.
  • Youngsters disturbing lettings in the pavilion by banging on the windows.


We have video footage of some of the incidents, which has been passed to the police and will, no doubt, be followed up.

This sort of behaviour is spoiling the reputation of Reepham and the quality of life of its residents.

The trustees have spent considerable sums of money improving the seating and play equipment at Stimpson’s Piece but repairs are eating into funds intended for further improvements so this sort of behaviour is calling into question whether this expenditure is worthwhile.

Highways matters

The town council continues to lobby Norfolk Highways to improve road safety in Reepham.

As a result, the steep slope on the footpath between Bircham Road and Ollands Road now has a safety handrail, and a white carriageway marker line has been painted to encourage drivers to keep well away from the churchyard wall.

The council has also been promised that more chevrons will be fitted to the churchyard wall, and signs, warning drivers of pedestrians on the road, will be installed on Norwich Road between the entrance to the footpath to New Road and the junction with The Moor.

The town council is also pushing for large vehicles to be banned from using the Market Place, except for access, and for the 20 mph speed limit to be extended along Norwich Road as far as the junction with The Moor.

Charity clothing banks

Broadland District Council is now collecting clothing as part of its kerbside collection service.

However, the town council is concerned that this will reduce income for those charities that have clothing banks, such as at the fire station and air ambulance at Stimpson’s Piece, and also reduce income to the town council from the clothing bank in the Station Road car park, which is used to provide grants to local organisations.

If you are able to do so, please support the charities and local organisations by placing them in a clothing bank.

Similarly, income from bottle banks also helps local organisations.

Council vacancies

The town council currently has two vacancies. If you would like to support your local community by joining the council, please contact the town clerk (01603 873355 or email).


Monday, April 25, 2022 - 18:15