Voice Project choir brings music and poetry to Salle

A Norfolk-based choral theatre company is holding two concerts at St Peter & St Paul Salle on Saturday 15 July.

Photo: Dave Guttridge

The Voice Project’s Arc of the Sun choral projects, from 5.30–7 pm and 8–9.30 pm, will feature original music and inspiring poetry that explores our relationship to nature and the landscape.
It will include newly created material, as well as original songs from previous projects, Arc of the Sky and Ideas of Flight.
Although Norfolk based, the choir of more than 100 voices has been rehearsing for the show in Norwich and Brighton since April.
A parallel choir was established a few years ago in Sussex following successes at the Brighton Festival, and for the Salle Church show singers from the south coast will be joining the Norfolk choir.
Voice Project co-director Sian Croose said: “Salle is the most fantastic place to sing and the architecture of the church, as well as its setting in the Norfolk landscape, makes it a really inspiring place for us to stage a summer performance with The Voice Project choir, who will be joined by our brilliant soloists Lisa Cassidy, Jeremy Avis and Sharon Durant, and world-class instrumentalists Adrian Lever and Rowland Sutherland.”
Tickets £15 available from https://www.voiceproject.co.uk/upcoming-events
For further information, contact Steve Forster 07939 221192 or email.

Photo: Phil Sayer

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